If you are a tourist and love to see new places, then this guide is for you. Today, we’ll cover many aspects of Dubai sightseeing. We have plenty of places to discuss which are must-see in Dubai.

Dubai Sightseeing – The Top Places

When you are in a city for the very first time, you need to spend your time with a lot of care. Further, without a guide, we can waste our time in picking a place to visit. So, here are a few of the many places to see on your trip to Dubai.

The core of Dubai sightseeing – Burj Khalifa

There are few places in each city of the world which are in the must-see term. A visit to Burj Khalifa is a top thing to do in Dubai. The place is a landmark to the whole of Dubai. If we study the details of Burj Khalifa, it is the tallest building in the world.

The building stands tall at 829.8 meters. If you get a chance to visit it, you should head to the 124th floor. You can find the observation deck on this floor. If you are a fan of the bird-eye view, then this is for you.

From my trip, I can say that the view is majestic. The whole city looks must-see from this floor. Once you get to the floor, the details are wort to see. On the floor, you will see video details about Dubai and Burj Khalifa as well.

Also, you can have a 360-degree view of the city. There is a desert on your one hand and sea on the other hand. If you love to take the pics, you should head to Burj at the night. This time gives the best chance for photos.

Further, if you have plans to visit the place on Sundays, you should buy the ticket a few days early. This will save you time. Also, it saves you from long lines.

Dubai Mall

Out of many reasons, people visit Dubai for shopping as well. The malls here have the best products that you can find at any other place. But you can’t take a chance to visit any center at random.

So, to save your time and money, you need to pick a mall. The best pick that you can make is the Dubai Mall. It is the top thing to do in Dubai. Also, people across the world know about this mall.

Dubai Mall is the top of all malls in the city. Also, it acts as the gate to Burj Khalifa. So, if you plan to visit the Burj, add the mall to your list.  Further, the mall has plenty of options for family time.

When you get to the mall, you can enjoy games, movies, and ice-skating. Also, if you love to shop and eat, this place is for you. You will find top brands at the mall. Further, you will have the best food chain at Dubai Mall.

Now, let’s put a cherry on the cake. Dubai mall has music and other events as well. These events don’t stop. If you are at the mall in the month of Jan, you can see a couple of festivals as well.

Dubai Museum

If you are a fan of museums and relics, Dubai has a lot to offer you. Out of many places, you must visit the Dubai Museum. The history of the museum itself is amazing. The museum is in the Al-Fahidi Fort.

If we study the history of the fort, we’ll find out that it was to defend the Dubai creek. During your visit, try to focus on the build of the fort. It will take you back to the old-school era.

Also, the museum is a must-see place due to its relics. You will see the music touch as well as views of the wars. There are some must-see graves at the place as well. So, try to have a guide with you to enjoy and learn.

The thing to Do in Dubai

When you plan to visit Dubai, you will wonder what you should do in Dubai. Dubai is a place that offers a lot. No matter what your taste is, you will have a thing to do in Dubai. So, along with some Dubai sightseeing, here are other aspects of Dubai.

Al Seef

When you visit a new place, you must enjoy the food of the place. It gives you a new thing to try. Further, it also sheds light on the culture of the place. This place is new in Dubai. But, in a short span, it is viral on the net.

The place offers you a great combo of vintage and new styles. You can enjoy modern food here at Al Seef. Further, if you are a fan of local food, the place has a lot to offer as well. So, add this place in your list upon your visit to Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

We know that Dubai has amazing skyscrapers. We were able to shed light on Burj Khalifa. Well, no one can shed light on that other than the moon, but you get my point. Anyways, a skyscraper vital to see here in Dubai is Burj Al Arab.

The design of this building is the reason for its’ viral fame. The building is so viral that it is like an icon in the Middle East and in the world. A huge number of people gather to see this skyscraper.

The design of the building is like a sail. If you want luxury while you stay in Dubai, you should opt for this place. It has each of the thing’s synonyms with luxury.

Global Village

If you scroll the web, you will not be stranger to the phrase Global village. Dubai gives you a chance to see the Global Village. You will the details of more than 70 nations at this place. Further, there will be stalls with themes of each nation.

The place is viral on the net and is a must-see real-life display of the phrase Global Village.

We were able to shed light on many aspects of Dubai. There are plenty of them left in the article. But, if you get a chance to travel abroad, Dubai sightseeing should be your pick!
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