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Dubai may be a place that is understood for several places however deserts also are the main reason behind its quality.


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The Arabian Horses are world-renown for their breed and lightsomeness. Take a ride on one among them and care for this lifespan memory.

Dubai may be a place that is understood for several places however deserts also are the main reason behind its quality. Deserts area unit an area that may be a terribly peaceful place for each person. it’s familiar as a result of its sand dunes, large red sand dunes. the most effective issue regarding sand dunes is that range of activities will be performed thereon. you’ll be able to ride a motorcycle thereon, you’ll be able to have artiodactyl mammal ride thereon associated you’ll be able to additionally get the expertise of ridge bashing thereon. However, Have you ever detected of Horse riding in an exceedingly desert? it’s a far underrated activity however is that the most thrilling one.

In our daily lives, there’s hardly any event within which we have a tendency to get to expertise horse riding in sand dunes. that the issue is that if {you area unit|you’re} here in the metropolis and are aiming to visit any desert here therefore why not provides a try and horse riding within the deserts? as a result of I suppose horse riding in an exceedingly desert may be an excellent dance orchestra one might have. you’ll be able to expertise it on a beach or at a park however still riding a horse within the sand dunes may be a whole completely different expertise.

How is that the expertise of horse riding?
It is a form of expertise that creates a secretion rush in your body. A horse may be a reasonably animal that is understood for its quick speed and sweetness. And after you sit thereon you get to envision the desert with a really Brobdingnagian height and sight. whereas riding the horse you get to expertise the massive sand dunes at a high speed, whereas sitting thereon you’ll want the king of the desert and this can be a form of expertise that is inexplicable and which can stick lifespan with you. fancy maybe a terribly tiny word to mention regarding this expertise.
When the horse starts dashing with the speed within the sand dunes starts processing through face. without delay whereas reading all of this can|you’ll|you may} want however gross is that this that sand can cowl your face however trust Pine Tree State after you will get to expertise this you’ll notice the sand lowing on your face the most effective a part of horse riding.


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    • Pick up and drop off
    • 1 hour ride with instructor

Pick up and drop off time depend on availability and demand


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